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What does my cruise rate include?What does my cruise rate include?
Ship accommodations for the cruise, as reserved and paid for. Ocean transportation and all meals, services, and entertainment on board.

What about airfare?
All Air/Sea rates include round-trip airfare to Miami/Ft.Lauderdale / San Juan / L.A. / New York / Acapulco ; ground transfers; all transportation and airport security charges.(Plus hotel, if applicable. Ask your Travel Consultant.) Your Cruise rate does not include air transportation to, and transfers in, ports of embarkation and disembarkation, unless you are taking an Air/Sea package. Cruise-only passengers will not receive transfers.

Do I need to reconfirm my flight?
Check your tickets to be sure you are booked on the proper sailing date. Then, be sure to reconfirm your flight with the airline at least 72 hours prior to your departure, as flight schedules may change after your tickets are issued.

Do I need a passport or visa?Passport
For embarkation and re-entry into the U.S. at Los Angeles, Miami, New York or San Juan, U.S. citizens and Canadian Citizens who are not alien residents of the U.S. must carry documentary proof of citizenship, such as passport, certified birth certificate, certified naturalization documents or a valid voter's registration card, together with a current driver's license. Alien residents who are permanent residents of the U.S. require Alien Registration Cards (from I-551). It is the passenger's responsibility to check with government agencies, embassies or consulates to determine documentary requirements for embarkation and re-entry into the U.S. In some instances, aliens are also required to have sailing permits. Please check with your local Immigration Office. In addition, alien residents of the U.S. may be required to have visas to enter some countries visited, such as Martinique. It is the passenger's responsibility to check with respective embassies or consulates. Foreign passenger's must be in possession of a valid passport and multiple entry B-2 (visitor) visa. There can be no refund if passenger is denied boarding   by U.S. Immigration officials for lack of proper documents. If you leave the ship in a Mexican port and do not reboard for the return to Miami, Acapulco or L.A., you must carry a valid Mexican tourist card, available from any Mexican consulate. Or a visa from any French consulate if leaving Martinique. Before leaving home, please sign and complete the appropriate landing in your ticket envelope. These will be collected at embarkation. Ask you travel agent for immigration requirements in other ports.
Do I need a vaccination?
As of March 1999, no vaccinations were required for any destinations in the site. But, please check with your health office at least two weeks before sailing.

What to pack?What to pack
Too enjoy your cruise vacation you will need three types of clothing: casual shipboard attire, evening wear, and conservative resort wear for shopping or sightseeing on the islands.
Day Wear: Be sure to pack a swimsuit and cover-up for going from poolside to ship's air-conditioned interior. Take long lightweight slacks or pants, walking shorts, short sleeve blouses or shirts, knit top or polo shirts, a robe and slippers. If you enjoy deck sports, crepe-soled shoes are advisable.
Comfortable walking shoes are a must. A casual dress, skirt and blouse or pants outfit would be appropriate for women, while light summer pants, walking shorts and polo shirts would be appropriate for men. PLEASE, NO HALTER TOPS OR SHORT SHORTS WHILE ASHORE. Evening Wear: On formal nights, women may want to wear a suit or dress. Men are requested to wear a jacket, shirt and tie  (on certain nights) after 6:00pm in the dinning room. For the two "formal" nights, for the Captains Welcome Cocktail and Dinner and Captain's farewell dinner, both women and men may prefer more formal wear, although it is not required.

Can I phone home?
You can phone home, telex, radiogram or facsimile to anywhere in the world, and will be billed at applicable ship to shore rates. Anyone who wishes to reach you while you're on your cruise must contact the High Seas Operator in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by dialing 1-800-SEA-CALL.

What Happens ashore?
You can do your own thing or check with the ship's Shore Excursion Desk, where optional shore excursions can be purchased for all ports for a variety of daytime and/or evening activities.|

How much can I buy, without taxes?Duty-free
U.S. citizens are allowed $400 of duty free merchandise (retail prices); those over age 21 may include one quart of liquor and 200 cigarettes. U.S. residents returning from the U.S. Virgin Islands are permitted $800 in foreign purchases, duty-free, provided the liquor, plus $400 in merchandise, is purchased in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Canadian Citizens are allowed $150 of duty-free merchandise, including up to 40oz. of liquor and 200 cigarettes, once each calendar year. No fresh fruits, meat products, fresh milk products, plants or tortoise shell products, please.
Price Protection Policy.
Book now to lock in the lowest rate! Cruise Lines often change thier rates. If the Cruise Lines lower thier rates your rate will be adjusted accordingly. May not apply to all group bookings.

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